Sometimes subtle textures can create magic in the final production. Augment your recordings with a large selection of vintage and modern instruments.

We have a huge selection of software instruments as well. See below for more info.

Steinway O grand piano:

Professionally maintained Moog piano bar allows the piano to simultaneously record a midi per-formance while our mics record the actual piano, leaving layering possibilities open when desired.  Steinway includes Moog Piano bar, transforming your performance into midi data including ped-als for later sonic manipulation and options.

Additional keyboards:

Yamaha CP4 Korg CX3  Drawbar Organ ( uses CP4 for lower manual) Roland Juno-D, Roland X-90, Micro Korg  w/vocoder. Huge Library of soft synths including Kontakt Ultimate 13, Battery, Massive, Sample Tank, Logic Pro, Arcade, all the Output Synths, Motu Mach 3, Waves soft synths and many more. Maschine 3 controller


Fender Tube Amps: Black face Vibrolux, Super, Dual Showman, 75, along with a Peavey PCM 60 crunch monster through a 4x12 cabinet or a Roland Jazz Chorus.


Fender Strat with Loller blondes, Telecaster with Joe Bardon Danny Gatton p/us, ES335 with Lollar Imperials, Casino with a 58 P90 neck and 62 Farlane P90 Bridge, Modulus Blackknife w/EMG’s, G&L ASAT CAT


Martin D35, Legend, Taylor 12 string, Classical, Harmony with EMG 60 with ridiculous high action for some wicked slide.  Also a Ukulele and J Boviar Mandolin.


Tube Screamer, DMBL, Timmy, Sparkel Drive, BlackStar Pure Valve Overdrive, Morley Wah, Vox Wah,  Strymon Flint Tremelo/vintage Verbs, Timeline Delay, Digitech Time Bender, Boss Octave, Original MXR flanger, Beigle Tru-Tron 3X & Octave Divider, Keeley Super Mod Work-station & Monterey, Electro-Harmonix Pitchfork,  Bogner Neve Compressor, Heil Talkbox, Boss SE70, TC Electronics Spark, Roland SE-120 Space Echo, Dan Electro Chorus and Delay.


German 1/2 size upright with Shadow SH 965 NFX pickup, G&L L2000 with jazz neck, Epiphany Jack Cassidy,    SWR Marcus Miller Bass Pre Amp with tube DI into Epiphani dual 12/horn cab through Fender 1200 watt mono block amp.

Drums and Percussion:

Darwin 5pc kit, selection of snares, Boston Drum tuxedo 3p, LP Congas, Djembe, Dumbec, Lots of shakers, Bells, wind chimes, Frame Drum, Talking Drum, Vibroslap, along with huge midi library of sounds controlled my either drum pads or Maschine