Record Through the Best Gear

Over the years I have amassed a large collection of top studio gear from around the planet. Let your project benefit.

Studio Gear

In addition to a great sounding room, we have an isolation booth with visual access to main room as well as two additional amp closets hard wired into the main room. Bands can record live with isolated sound sources as well as with everything in the main room and the natural bleed that sometimes creates that cohesive magic. Enjoy Separate headphone mixes.

Based on two Lynx 16 channel Aurora's into a Mac Pro 2019 12 core CPU, the studio has the horse power to provide stunning results for projects large or small.

Audio Chain:

Industry standard mic press by API, Neve, Millennia Media, Manley, Trident, Great River.  Manley Massive Passive and Vari Mu compressor along with a pair of Distressors, and additional outboard compressors from Purple Audio, Focusrite, Joe Meek bring that tried and true analog realism to signals before they go in the box and are available for extra sonic detail at mix down.


Neumann U87, Telefunken M60, Pair of  AKG 414s, pair of omni Earthworks SDC, 3 Zigma w/C12, U47 and F Omni capsules, AEA Ribbon, pair of Fat Head ribbons, with the typical dynam-ics: SM7, Sm57s-58s, Sennheiser 421s and e609s, AKG D112 & D12, Shure Beta 91 and SM81s, ElectroVoice ND46 & RE20

We can also get any specific piece of gear on a short term rental you require.