I'm passionate about music. I bring that passion...

to every project I produce, engineer or mix.  It’s also reflected in the best gear and a  great room filled with fantastic toys.

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Recording Studio

Bring your music to life in our John Storyk designed Recording Studio. Nearby Bridgewater, in Somerset County NJ.  Use our state-of-the-art processes and studio equipment on your project from Pre-Production through Final Mixing. Creative producer will work with you or your band to make the most of your songs and project.

Our Reliable engineers will make you sound amazing.  We also help with songwriting, arranging and can provide you with talented session musicians to fill out your project when needed.

Our Music Production Services include:


  • Studio
  • Song Production
  • Critical Vocals / VoiceOver / Vocal Enhancements
  • Mixing
  • Beat Production
  • Jingles
  • Create Your Own Backing Track

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We Are Professionals In Teaching and Mentoring Musicians Of All Ages.

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